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My 64 aphorisms

This is kind of a translation to english of my kickstarter project, with some improvements and special features for english speaking supporters. Sorry for any grammatical and orthographic mistakes, as english is not my first language.

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Imagine a truth that escapes when you are about to touch it. That is an aphorism. This are my 64 and first book.

*All of the drawings are part of the book and done by myself


Poetry is the only science that touches reality and it achieves it because it’s not a science, I’m convinced. Like when a truth appears to us and we imagine that we can touch it if only we can hold our attention for a little longer. It’s poetry which allows that which usually escapes not only to touch us, but soak us. Oh, what a wonderful adventure is reading the great poets! How much would I like that my aphorisms were worthy of them and all of you!

The title of the book is “64 aphorisms to read in the bathroom” because the first book of Oliverio Girondo was titled “Twenty poems to read in the trolley car” and I believe that each of us have to stand in the place that corresponds us. Its also because I want to start a somehow unuseful dialogue with that generation of authors which left us, in times in which social media and whatsapp flood us with different ways of communicating.

I finished writing this book in 2014, but it wasn’t until recently that I summoned the courage to mount it and get a printable version. The illustrations are recent, from last Christmas holidays. There are in total 64 aphorisms, a few open letters to Oliverio and an epilogue where a kid and a rocket try to find meaning to life. It’s my first book and I’m glad, because who wouldn’t want to start its author life with poetry.

The profits of this book —if there is any— will be destined completely to create a new non-profit editorial that publishes and distributes new authors. The book will have its respective ISBN and I will try to make it available in traditional stores and definetly online. There will also be a free online version, for those who can’t buy it.

The money that I’m asking on kickstarter is only going to be used for printing, everything else is done and ready. In a few days I will ask for an ISBN to Mexican goverment and then I will have 2 weeks to send it to the printing company that gave me the best deal. The online version launching date will be the 14 of February of 2018.  The printed version launch will happen as soon as I have it.

I will be so happy to know that you walk with me on this adventure. I can’t stop thinking of the next books and how all of them will tell a story. This is the first link. A book that tries to find meaning in the day to day of an author who refuses to stop being a child.


Beyond printing, which is already negotiated with a trustworthy printer, and the government paperwork to get the ISBN; the risk of any book is that no one reads it.

Because of that, Oliverio Girondo use to say that a book is constructed as a clock, but sold as a sausage. When he launched his first one, he went to the streets with a coffin pulled by horses, that was his way of confronting such risk.

I don’t have a coffin, but I have all of you to accompany me in this adventure. Each book has its own rhythm and time, each book exists and creates readers in its appropriate moment. I know that will happen to this aphorisms, I know that on due space and time they will find their place and then, there will be no more risks.


Translating this book without Spanish language context it’s not possible. So I’ve decided to do an illustrated essay that allows any english speaking person to enter my book. Hey, that just might be the perfect excuse you’ve been waiting to learn Spanish. Or maybe it will just be a nice opportunity to connect and check if we can both see the same truth, regardless of language.


The rewards scheme is in pesos. I’m translating the descriptions below. Kickstarter has currency conversion, but in case it doesn’t show, I’m putting the amounts in CAD and USD, too.

Your help in the Kickstarter project will be greatly appreciated. Projects there only collect if they achieve their amount goal. Any help is good.


25 MXN or more – 1.6 CAD – 1.3 USD

A hug and the PDF

I promise that next time we see each other I’ll give you a good hug. I will also send to your email the PDF version of the book.


150 MXN or more – 9.7 CAD – 7.8 USD

One signed book.  

You have bought the printed book! I’m so excited that I will sign it with a personal message.*


300 MXN or more – 19.5 CAD – 15.6 USD

Two signed books. 

Wow! Now you’ll have your book plus one more for a present. Not only will I sign both books, I’ll also send you a set of postcards with illustrations of the book.*


500 MXN or more – 32.6 CAD – 26 USD

Two books and a coffee (or a skype)

Lets go and get a coffee —on me— and I’ll tell you the secrets of the book like, for example, why did Dylan’s ball get trapped in a tree. I’ll also give you two signed books and a set of postcards.*


1000 MXN or more – 65.2 CAD – 52 USD

Personalized illustration

You are incredible. In honor to that, I will make a personalized illustration for you, relating it with one of my aphorisms. I will give you the original, along with two signed books.*


3000 MXN or more – 195.6 CAD – 156 USD

Join the non-profit editorial

So, why don’t you join me and other writers on creating a non-profit editorial? We would love to have someone like you. I’ll also give you two signed copies, a set of postcards and a personalized illustration.*

*If your address is not in Mexico, a little extra fee for shipping will apply.

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